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We know you are busy and have ever growing demands on your time. If all you need to get started is our general pricing information, please find our current PRICE LISTS below. For our best pricing please contact us for a customized Cost Estimate, which takes into account many other variables, and could result in lower costs per drawing.

Price Lists

Here are our current prices. Actually, we have kept them unchanged for the past 3-4 years, because our better software and growing economies of scale have offset our production cost increases. We pass these savings to you. Typically, we bill against company Purchase Orders and accept major credit cards. 
Scan, Reimage & Index and Conversion to CAD services are estimated by quantity and unit price. Virtual Reference services are always custom quoted, based on the number and condition of your drawings, the number of square feet involved, the age of the facility, and the overall quantity and complexity of projects to be assembled.

Scan, Reimage & Index

All Sheet Sizes Description Cost/Sheet
Scan only Direct scan to PDF in monochrome. No post-processing $2.00
Scan and Index Add MS Excel Index. Multi-field search and open PDF $4.00
Scan and Reimage Color scan and image enhancement. Best monochrome PDF $5.00
Scan, Reimage, Index All three options above. Deliver both COLOR & BW images $7.00
Sheet Quantity Discount First 1000
1001 to 2000
2001 to 3000
3001 to 4000
Over 4000
Scan only $2.00 $1.80 $1.60 $1.40 $1.20
Scan and Index $4.00 $3.60 $3.20 $2.80 $2.40
Scan and Reimage $5.00 $4.50 $4.00 $3.50 $3.00
Scan, Reimage, Index $7.00 $6.30 $5.60 $4.90 $4.20

Substantial discounts apply to large scanning quantities, as shown in the table above. Originals are scanned at 300 DPI and proportionally higher for photo-reduced originals. All prices are based on normal sheet conditions. Oversize sheets are custom priced and can be as large as 42″ x 18 feet. Typical source materials include Mylar, bond, vellum and linen originals as well as sepias, blueprints, blacklines, film masters and photocopies. Negative images such as blueprints and films are reversed to positive-reading PDFs. Reimaged scans are manually de-skewed and properly cropped, even if the originals are not straight. We safely scan very delicate materials or thick originals (even textured artwork), as we use flatbed, not only roller-based scanners. Also, we scan 35mm aperture cards, 35mm roll microfilm, 35mm slides, medium and large format film (4″x5″ and  8″x10″) and large aerial negatives and transparencies in 24-bit color, gray scale or black & white.

Convert to CAD

All Sheet Sizes Description ANSI Standard Arch Standard Cost/Sheet
Up to B-Size Convert Image to CAD 11" x 17" 12" x 18" $200.00
Up to C-Size Convert Image to CAD 17" x 22" 18" x 24" $250.00
Up to D-Size Convert Image to CAD 22" x 34" 24" x 36" $300.00
Up to E-Size Convert Image to CAD 34" x 44" 36" x 48" $350.00
Sheet Quantity Discount First 50
50 to 100
101 to 150
151 to 200
Over 200
Up to B-Size $200.00 $180.00 $160.00 $140.00 $120.00
Up to C-Size $250.00 $225.00 $200.00 $175.00 $150.00
Up to D-Size $300.00 $270.00 $240.00 $210.00 $180.00
Up to E-Size $350.00 $315.00 $280.00 $245.00 $210.00

Substantial discounts apply to large conversion to CAD quantities as well. All sizes refer to original full-size sheets, not photo-reduced to a smaller size. All work is compliant with the National CAD Standard (AIA recommendations) for layer conventions and text sizes. Correct endpoint snapping and orthogonal line alignment are standard.  All drawings are CAD-drafted by experienced operators, dimensionally accurate per the written dimensions and angles on the source materials, and always drawn to full-scale (not traced off the image).

About US

JSanchez LLC started back in 1981, based on the principles of hard work and dedication. Headquartered in Saint Louis, MO, and backed by over 35 years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to deliver large-format scanning and CAD conversion services to support your project needs. Over three decades of continued operations are the best testimonial of the value we deliver to our clients. We have built a national presence, working with companies and institutions large and small, from Hawaii to New York and from Alaska to Florida. In fact, we have successfully completed and delivered over 7,500 projects since the early 1980s.
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